Getting Started

Before you begin to fill out your forms, please login or register below so you can have access to your forms after you submit them in case you need to edit them later. As long as you're logged in when you complete them, you'll always be able to find them by clicking "Sellers>My Account" above.

Do not proceed until you have fully listened to the following brief audio stream from me. I go over a few VERY important things regarding your Flat Fee Listing, such as potential MLS fines, minimum service requirements, Buyer Rebates, etc.

Congratulations on your decision to list your home on the MLS – the most effective way to market your home! My name is Joshua Vida, Broker/Owner of Paradigm Realty Solutions, and Indiana’s largest Flat Fee Broker with over 150 active listings throughout Indiana. It’s my pleasure to become your Broker and help you fulfill your Indiana Flat Fee MLS Listing order!

In order for us to submit your listing to the proper Indiana MLS, you will need to complete Steps 2-6 on the right-hand column of this page. (This page is Step 1)   

We worked hard to make this process as simple and streamlined as possible. Everything will be completed and submitted online, so you will need to have minimal computer knowledge. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be glad to help!

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Please disregard any comments in my audio stream above about being able to sign a Mutual Release from Listing Agreement to avoid my having to attend closing with you. The Indiana Real Estate Commission has recently ruled that this is not allowed. As such, should a closing take place and there’s an agent representing the buyer, I or one of my associates must attend closing with you. The fee structure for this is defined in the Listing Agreement. This also means you can disregard the comment in the audio stream about having to send me the HUD (settlement statement) after closing and the fines for failing to do so, as we will receive one from the title company at closing. If you have any questions about this, please call me. I will be editing my audio stream soon to remove these outdated comments. Thanks!